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Kaehalee Shinde says,

“I believe in an Eclectic Approach to therapy. I practise an analytically informed mode of therapy with Cognitive, Rational Emotive, Behavioural, Gestalt, Strategic techniques where applicable with an overall person centred approach.


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5pm - 8pm
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How does it work ?

You call at least one day prior to book a session with the counsellor/therapist. Counselling is done in sessions. Each session comprises a 40 min time slot that is specifically allotted to you so that we can devote time to listen to you without any rush. The first session is a consultation where the therapist listens to you and suggests a plan of action. After the consultation, we give you an idea about how many sessions are required, what are the techniques we would apply and outline the therapeutic goals we will work towards achieving.

How Does It Work

Counselling and Therapy

Welcome, Peace of Mind provides counselling guidance and therapy … we provide a safe place where you can put down your armour and confidentially share your life, your story and what may be painful and confusing for you. Together, we can find a new, wholehearted way of being in our ‘never enough’ world. You can make incredible changes and empower yourself to take the right path for YOU.

Sometimes it can be difficult to manage your stress and emotions. You may feel confused or lost, like you don’t have the answers to very important questions. Psychotherapy may be right for you. It can be helpful to find proper support and guidance from someone with an objective point of view. Psychotherapy can provide you with effective coping mechanisms that will allow you to function better. We can help you navigate through the stress of daily life and teach you effective ways to minimize those negative emotions. We can also help you figure out what your goals are and what is standing in the way of achieving them.



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